Music of the Alaska-Klondike Gold Rush CD


Jean Murray, the producer of this CD, is a forty-year resident of Alaska and has lived in Nome, Fairbanks and Anderson, Alaska. A hike over the historical Chilkoot Trail and a holiday in Dawson, Yukon built on a life-long interest in music culminating in a book and the CD. Fairbanks musicians perform the music.

Product Information

Songs include: The Carmack Song, Mountain Canary, The Klondike Gold Rush, The Man That Struck It Rich In the Klondike, The Klondike; March of the Gold Miners, He Is Sleeping in the Klondike Vale Tonight, Dear Evelina,Sweet Evelina, Why Don’t You Write a Letter Home, The Girl I Left Behind Me, With Gold I Bring From the Klondike, Wanted, My Darling PaPa, Klondike Rag, The Belle of the Klondike, Such a Nice Girl, Too, Cheechako Lil, Irish Washerwoman and Irishman’s Shanty, On the Banks of the Yukon, The Chilkoot March, Let the Sunshine In, Klondike Gold, Turkey in the Straw, Some Folks, Arctic Brotherhood Two-Step, and Yukon.